Friday, May 10, 2013

Cuda Parts Washer Detergents

Cuda Industrial Parts Washer Detergents are Safe and Effective

Aqueous-based automatic parts washers offer a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly method of cleaning caked-on dirt, oil, and other debris from machine parts. They work like a giant dishwasher, utilizing a combination of hot water, detergent, and mechanical action in order to cut through stubborn grime and grease. Keep in mind, no matter how big and fancy the parts washer is, it will only live up to its full cleaning potential with the proper detergent.

Cuda is the most trusted name in the industrial parts washer industry, with good reason: we built the technology to automatically wash parts of various sizes, and backed that up with an extensive line of safe, eco-friendly detergents to meet a variety of tough cleaning needs. Our detergents were specially formulated by a team of chemists and blended specifically for use with Cuda parts washers, carefully engineered to speed the cleaning process and ensure superior results. Unlike caustic petroleum based solvents, Cuda detergents are easy to use and preferred for technicians and the environment. Many of them are biodegradable, and all are manufactured in our own custom detergent facility. Advanced formula Cuda parts washer detergents feature an exclusive corrosion inhibitor package to protect your valuable equipment from rust.

Whether you’ve got a manual or an automatic parts washer, there’s a Cuda detergent perfect for your cleaning needs. All-purpose detergents are available in powder and liquid form and handle a variety of general cleaning applications, while specialty detergents have been formulated to tackle your toughest challenges, including aluminum, alloys, and metal parts ready to be painted. With a lineup that includes defoamers, vapor corrosion inhibitors, and phosphatizers, you’re sure to find a Cuda parts washer detergent that will get the job done!

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Solvent vs. Aqueous Based Parts Washers

What to know when choosing between solvent-based or aqueous-based parts washers

When cleaning dirt, grime, oil, grease, and other debris from machine parts, you have a decision to make: whether chemical solvents or water offer the better solution for getting the job done. Both methods are effective, but there are reasons why aqueous parts washers have the edge.

The first parts washer was developed in 1954, and utilized petroleum based solvents to clean and degrease machine parts. These chemicals were caustic, and using them was not only unsafe – there was an increased risk of fire, and inherent health issues in using parts cleaner solvents – but environmental concerns and tougher regulations led to the need for an alternate solution. Chlorinated solvents became the adopted standard, but those too were eventually deemed unsafe, and banned in the 1980s.

Aqueous parts washers, originally developed in the early 1970s, received new attention, and were seen as a viable and effective way to clean dirty parts. These machines rely on hot water and detergent combined with mechanical energy to remove dirt and oil. Similar in concept to a large dishwasher, aqueous-based parts washers use alkaline detergents and water for cleaning, a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to automatic parts cleaner solvents.  Specially formulated detergents, many of them biodegradable, exist for the toughest cleaning challenges.

If you’re in the market for an automatic parts washer, the safe and responsible choice these days is an aqueous-based machine.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Safe for You and the Environment

Industrial Parts Washers that are Safe for You and the Environment

Solvent free, safe alternative

Let’s face it; dirty equipment is an inevitable byproduct of your operation if you are in the manufacturing, construction, automotive, small engine repair, or oil and mining business. Dirt, grease, grime, and oil are all unavoidable; the key to maximizing profitability and ensuring your business runs smoothly is to clean dirty parts quickly and efficiently. If you still rely on cleaning parts by hand, you are wasting valuable time and labor on a process that could be completely automated.

Cuda automatic parts washers are a safer and cleaner alternative to rented solvent sinks with expensive monthly fees. This solvent free, aqueous system uses heated water and special corrosion-free detergents designed to remove even the most stubbornly pervasive dirt, soil, greases, and oils from your parts. Our automatic parts washers utilize a series of directed nozzles to clean parts quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently, saving you labor costs by allowing your employees to focus on profit-making activities instead.

In addition, you aren’t exposing your workers to caustic chemicals, and you are investing in an environmentally safe cleaning system where speed translates to faster cleaning. With a Cuda parts washer, you’ll have a much more cost-effective method of doing business…not to m ention clean parts that will operate more reliably and efficiently, saving you expensive repair costs down the road.

If you’re interested in seeing how much you can save with a parts washer, contact Cuda today!

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Save Time and Maximize Profit

Cuda Industrial Parts Washers Save Time and Maximize Profit.

Industrial parts washers save labor and increase profits

Are you looking for a way to boost productivity and save on expensive labor costs? Consider investing in a Cuda insdustrial parts washer. This is a fully automated, cost effective solution that offers a great ROI and higher revenue for your business.

Washing parts by hand is a time consuming and expensive process, and a waste of valuable resources. Your high paid automotive technicians shouldn’t be standing over a solvent sink cleaning car parts by hand – they should be fixing cars! With a Cuda automatic parts washer, you’re letting a machine do the dirty work using hot water and safe detergents – and in the process, maximizing revenue and freeing up your technicians’ time so they can focus on what you’re paying them to do: make money for you. In addition, you are demonstrating concern for their safety and health by providing them with a non-flammable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternative to dangerous petroleum-based solvents.

Cuda industrial parts washers are one of the best labor saving tools in the shop. They are a completely automated, solvent-free solution to your manufacturing needs, and as easy to use as the dishwasher in your kitchen. Simply load dirty parts in the cabinet, set the timer, and close the door. While your technicians are busy working on more important profit-making tasks, your automatic parts washer will do the rest!

Interested in seeing how much money you will save? Contact Cuda for more information or click here to see how much money you can save with a Cuda!

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cuda APW

Cuda automatic parts washers provide a safe and efficient solution to cleaning parts because they eliminate the need for harmful cleaning solvents while providing businesses with a time-saving solution.